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Registrations and payments closed

Criteria for Work Selection

The works will be selected by an evaluation committee made up of 04 UENF professors that make up the coordination of the Graduate Program in Genetics and Plant Breeding. The criteria used for this selection will be:

1 - Adherence to the areas of concentration of research lines triggered by the program: Plant Breeding, Basic Genetics and Applied Genomics.

2 - It will also be accepted works of related areas with application to plant breeding such as: management of crops in different genotypes, post-harvest management of different genotypes.

3 - Works with application of diseases evaluation in plants under different genetic controls.

Instructions for abstracts


 Deadline for submission of abstracts: 07/01/2018 to 10/15/2018.
 Abstracts should be sent in PDF to
 Works will be published in the form of simple abstracts.
 Only one (01) abstract per entry will be allowed. However, there will be no restriction of participation as a co-author in other works.
 Only texts written in English will be accepted.
The abstracts should be related to Genetics and Plant Breeding, classified in the following areas: Plant Breeding, Basic Genetics and Applied Genomics

All abstracts will be analyzed by  Scientific Commission indicated by the Organizing Committee of the IV Meeting Genetics and Plant Breeding of Rio de Janeiro. It is incumbent upon the members of the Scientific Committee and the reviewers appointed by it to evaluate the work. Therefore, those abstracts that do not comply with the organization rules will not be accepted.
Abstract will only be evaluated upon payment of the application fee.
Texts should be written in Microsoft Word format and saved in PDF format, formatted in A4 size, with top, left, bottom and right margins of 2.0 cm, single line spacing.

The abstract should be a running text (single paragraph) with a minimum of 200 words and a maximum of 450 words, written in Times New Roman font, size 12, single spacing, justified alignment. It should contain the following information: introduction and justification of the research, objectives, material and methods, results and conclusions.
 The title of the work should be highlighted in bold and centralized. Capital letters only for the first letter of the first word and proper names or to designate the scientific name, in scientific nomenclature.
 Authors should be cited just below the title, separated by commas and the numbered affiliations (Arabic numerals), described immediately below.
 It should not contain bibliographical citations.
Research funding agencies may be mentioned in the financial "Support" section at the end of the abstract.
The Scientific Committee will be working rigorously on evaluations, ensuring control of the number and quality of abstracts to be approved.
The information contained in the abstracts is the responsibility of the authors.
Abstracts approved will be released until 10/29/2018.

Preparation and Presentation of Posters

Each work presented in poster form will be entitled to a panel area of 0.90m wide by 1.20m high (portrait format), prefer ably printed on canvas or water proof paper and finished with ropeso that it can be hung on the panels available to participants.

The poster should basically contain the following sequence: Title; Authors; Binding institutions; Introduction; Goals; Material and methods; Results; Conclusions (optional); References (optional).

The title and authors of the work on the poster should be the same as contained in the Abstracts and in the same order.

Acknowledgments (optional). The exhibits should be brief, clear and objective, restricted to the essential information on each topic.

Poster printing should be of a good quality so that the text can be read from a distance of at least 2 m (See model below).

The results can be illustrated with figures (photos and graphs) and / or tables. In the tables, the caption should be positioned above the body of the table, while in the figures (photos and graphics), the caption should be below.

Citations and references (optional) should follow the same standards for the elaboration of the expanded abstract.

Assembly of the poster in the appropriate place should be done by the presenter son the day indicated in the schedule of presentations that will be informed later.

Will be delivered done (1) certificate to the work presenter, which will include the title and names of the authors, according to the text sent. Only those who actually present the work will receive the certificates.

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